Do you struggle with these challenges?

Some of the challenges faced by parents who have children on the Autism Spectrum


Getting and keeping your child's attention so you can teach them?


Exhausted from searching the internet for resources and tools to help your child?


Struggle balancing family, work, and assisting their child with a disability?


The feeling of guilt that you have not done or doing enough to help your child?


An overpowering feeling of overwhelm by your child's diagnosis?


An ever-present concern about how your child will support themselves in the future?


How can Journily help your Family?

Journily aims to provide parents with relevant visual resources, so they can help their children in the following areas
Visual aids hold children's attention longer and enhances learning
Visual supports help children learn patience, persistence and expands their interests
Tasks visually completed create a sense of accomplishment for the child

What makes Journily different

Our visual tools and supports are a method for helping children with autism understand concepts, communicate their needs, and help them better navigate their world


Visual aids enhance the learning process and hold children's attention longer

Time Saver

Pre-designed visual supports save parents from this time-consuming task

Safe Environment

Your child can learn new skills comfortably in a safe environment

New Skills

Parents can spend more time helping their child learn new skills

One Location

All visual resources on Autism in one place, no need to search the internet

Experienced designers

The visual supports and tools are all designed by an experienced design team

Research indicates that visual schedules and supports are one of the most easily implemented interventions for an autistic child

How you can get started

Follow these three easy steps
Step 1

Download the visual support
Step 2

Print the download (Laminate PECS)
Step 3

Start teaching immediately at home

If you are not sure how your child will react towards our visual supports. No worries! Just download one of our freebies first to try.

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Supporting families on their Journey with autism

Engaging visual aids that help children with autism or developmental delays reach their potential


Resources: Autism Spectrum Australia, Provincial Outreach Program for Autism and Related Disorders, Sue Larkey, Autism Speaks, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center